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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 12, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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report," i'm shannon bream. good night from washington. no online show this evening. we are trying to avoid the snow pock-apocalypse. "on the record" with greta van susteren is next. this is a fox news alert. a catastrophic storm and millions and millions of americans are in its path. ice and snow causing chaos up and down the east coast. in the southeast, ice knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of homes and bringing roads to a stand still. nine deaths so far. now, heavy snow targeting the mid-atlantic, the northeast, more than 3,000 flights have been cancelled nationwide. "on the record" is taking you straight out to the elements in the hardest hit places. first chief meteorologist rick reichmuth in the fox extreme weather center. rick? >> the south has had such a rough winter so far. big storm in atlanta two weeks ago and getting hit again. the benefit is because of that storm today, all of the
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schools were cancelled and there weren't people on the roads which is great news. it's a pretty sprawling storm, there is a severe side to it down across parts of florida. we have had tornado threats here. definitely damaging winds across south florida. but the snow across interior sections, especially across the southern appalachians right now, but it's this pink and purple that you see right here, that's where we have the freezing rain. it's been the case for the last 36 hours from atlanta across interstate 20 in towards colombia and agust attachment that's what we are seeing a lot of power outages and major major tree damage. that's going to continue. we still have a good 8 to 12 hours of this all across the south. we are going to see additional accumulation. in some cases possibly another half an inch of ice accumulating on all of the surfaces, that means more trees down. once we start to see a coastal storm develop here. we are going to be looking at a major wind event tonight. that wind hitting all the trees and power lines with all the ice on it will cause more trees to go down and power outages.
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we have a long ways to go here. you can see the warnings in purple from charleston and macon to south of atlanta to the north of that seeing very heavy snow. take a look how widespread this is storm warnings into northern alabama and stretches all the way across all of new england. this is the way the storm is going to shape. cowgill storm develop intensifying area of low pressure here across the coast and then it runs up like a typical nor'easter and has impacts for pretty much everybody all along the coast. take a look at what one of our computer models look like. we will see this turn into rain. get a good maybe 4-inch in new york city. 8 inches of snow in philadelphia and then we start to see rain for a number of hours and then once it finally winds down we get a little bit more snow going through here. this is one of the model projections of snowfall totals. i think it's pretty good. 4 to 8 inches, maybe more around new york city and towards philadelphia and d.c. but, greta, interior sections will see likely up to about 18 inches of snow. so a lot of snow to be had.
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a lot of wind. we had major travel delays today all across the eastern seaboard. one more day of it, two days in a row of travel problems, it's going to be a big mess and friday is going to be a big catch up day for everybody. greta. >> i hate to be so selfish i saw 12.4 on washington, d.c. 12.4 inches of snow is predicted? >> yeah. we are going to be very close to that amount. the problem with all these nor'easters is the track is such a trick from where it's rain and where it's snow. i think we will see that very close to this i-95 corridor. if it tracks a little bit off to the east, snow levels go up. farther to the west not. where exactly that the rain snow line sets up is hard to project at this point. it's going to be along this i-95 corridor so everybody in that area needs to be ready for it. >> how about the traffic around raleigh. >> traffic has been a mess there today. you know, what we saw in atlanta two weeks ago happened today in places like charlotte and raleigh and all kinds of people, you see those cars on the side of the road there, greta. those are people who were
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waiting for hours and hours in their cars and abandoned them and chose to walk. major problems there on those roads. that's one traffic cam that you are seeing right there. doesn't look as bad. i have seen some other interstates that are still completely backed up in those areas. much of north carolina, big problems and i kind of would have thought that they would have planned a little bit better basted off of what happened two weeks ago in atlanta. the snow happens and the roads freeze and there is very little that you can do. >> rick, thank you. >> you bet. >> now to south carolina where the ice is actually brutal already thousands have lost power. reporter adrian accosta is live in greenville with the very latest. adrian? >> well, greta, as you can see this storm has dropped several inches of snow already. and it's been windy and cold and right now there is sleet falling. hard that believe that this is south carolina. now, just a couple of weeks ago, we had a storm that paled in comparison to this one that left a lot of cars wrecked and abandoned on the road. it's a different story this time. people took this storm as serious as they needed to be. the highway patrol says
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there has been very few wrecks. firefighters said they have had to rescue very few people. people made wise decisions this time to stay off the road. people have been pushing the message to stay off the road. the problem we are looking forward to tonight is the sleet that's falling. right now it's falling pretty heavy. we're looking to see a lot of freeze on limbs. those limbs are going to fall and take the power lines down with them. already in the low country, tens of thousands are without power and we are expecting something very similar here in the upstate. now, in light of the possibility of tens of thousands of people across the state being without power in these frigid temperatures, and impassable roads for days, governor nikki haley declared a state of emergency here very early this afternoon. and she has also asked for federal tied keep up with the storm's damage and what will no doubt be a big clean up in the palmetto state, greta? >> adrian, thank you. of course the snow is racing up the coast. virginia bracing for a lot of snow as well. reporter jason marx is live in williamsburg, jason?
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>> yeah, greta. obviously the snow has been coming down and continues to come down. it started around 4:00. we saw those very small pellets at first and now we are getting these very big flakes. now, we're not going to get anything like they are getting below us to the south. obviously we don't have to worry about the ice here. we are actually above that line. so that's a really good news. but we had a horrible winter. we had about 8-inch two weeks ago. and we are adding another 4 inches here in the area tonight. the big concern here in southeast and hampton roads is obviously the evening commute. take a look at some the roads here and you can see it's already sticking to the roads. this is what much of hampton roads looks like tonight with that snow already covering the pavement. i can tell you that virginia department of transportation started pretreating the roads with brian solution, a salt water like solution yesterday in hopes that they can keep it from going ahead and freezing temperatures
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are supposed to go up. we are not going to have anything like they have to our south. that's really good news. we may have dodged a bullet in virginia. now back to you. >> jason, thank you. i hope that you are dead right that you dodged that bullet but it looks pretty wicked up and down the eastern seaboard. thank you. and the roads are treacherous and going to get even more dangerous in the next few hours. do you remember what they were like two weeks ago that weather was so wicked traffic was paralyzed around atlanta. what is atlanta like this time around? reporter morris diggs is there with the very latest. morris? >> this town is shut down but for an all together different reason than what we saw two weeks ago with that traffic nightmare. greta, that's for three reasons. first, the precipitation started coming down about midnight last night. and then secondly, they had a window of about three hours before that when the precipitation subsided so they could treat the roads. then, third, this morning, people heeded the advice and did not go out. so, with fewer folks on the
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road, fewer vehicles on the road, you had fewer accidents. however, that's the first round. the second round could come tonight. we're watching the weather because it has been range here for about the last hour. greta? >> what's the temperature there, morris? i mean that rain -- if that rain turns to ice, if gets really cold then you have trees come down and even worse problems on the road. what's the temperature about? >> well, the temperature has been fluctuating around 31, 32 degrees. what's happened is we have had a lot of slush on the road. so that slush gets liquified and then with the temperature dropping, they are concerned about what's going to happen overnight. the second thing is with all of the precipitation we have had the power lines with ice coat over them. we have had a couple hundred thousand folks out of power. the power companies have been doing the best they could to get the folks back online. so that number keeps changing. but it's touch and go for tonight. the final test will be tonight to see what happens with the roads. and with the power.
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greta? >> morris, that temperature is very terrifying. when it gets below freezing, and you have got a long night and with those wires, i worry for your area. but, good luck, morris. >> thank you. and one couple had a very memorable experience in atlanta traffic mess in january. amy anderson gave birth to her baby on the side of the highway. and her husband nic handled the delivery duties. they join us. good evening to both of you. amy, first of all, who is that little girl with you? >> this is grace elizabeth anderson. >> and she was born alongside of the road? >> she was. >> nick, you were there. how scared were you as this was happening? >> you know, it all happened so fast. we really didn't have a whole lot of time to prepare and/or panic. so, you know, thank goodness because i think had we had a little more time to prepare
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for it, i probably would have been a little more freaked out. luckily, the 901 operator was great and she helped keep me calm and relaxed. >> what were you thinking grace wasn't due for another week and you are caught in traffic dead stop and nightmare and all the all of a sudden here comes grace. >> yes. it was gridlock and that's what i told my husband that you have to call 911 because she is coming. >> and when the other two children were -- where, they were in the car as well? >> yes. they were actually in the backseat. we were supposed to drop them off at some friends' house but once -- it took him about two and a half hours to get to us. so then i told him we didn't have time. we had to go. >> so, nick, you were actually on the phone with a 911 operator who was sort of walking you through this? >> yeah. i -- again, once amy realized, you know, she looked at me and said hey we are not going to make it we pulled over to the side of the road and that's when i
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called 911 she was like she had done before. relax am going to walk through it and you are going to deliver this baby. >> and grace is 100% good, right? >> she is doing great. >> well, she showed up a week early. she could have waited a week it probably would have made things a little bit easier, right? >> absolutely. >> anyway, well, good luck to all of you and to your family. amy and nick, thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> we are watching this weather because it is getting more dangerous and the worse of the storm getting ready to hit the mid-atlantic and the northeast. "on the record" will continue to update you throughout the hour. but, right now, what do americans, that means you, think about president obama's threat to use his pen and his phone to bypass congress well according to the latest fox news poll 74% of you think a u.s. president using executive orders to get around congress is not how our government is supposed to work. the poll also showing when asked to set aside the views on how the government is supposed to work.
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60% disapprove of president obama using executive action to go around congress. joining us our political panel, washington examiner chief political correspondent byron york. the hill's elise viebeck. what do you think of these numbers? >> i don't think it's a surprise at all. remember the "the washington post" poll last month that found 63% of the people said they did not have confidence, little or no confidence and palm to make the right decisions for the president's future. why would those people then want him to take unilateral actions? the other thing is people really don't like unilateral government. when -- in 2008 when the voters gave the whole will government to the democrats, in 2010 they turned around and took part of it back. same thing happened in 2002, gave government to the republicans, 2006 they took it back. same thing 92 and 94. people just don't like unilateral exercises of power. >> liz. >> i think it's interesting that people can disapprove of congress and disapprove
4:13 pm
of president obama so much but still want them to work together. that's what we see in this poll. washington is so dysfunctional and a lot of voters out there that despite it want people to sort of come to center solutions that people can agree with. >> there is really almost no punishment if they object to what the president is doing except i guess you could take midterm elections. other than that, the president can do what he wants. >> this guy is going to thereby until january 20th of 2017. i was structure by the fact 23 percent said hey, more of this, it looks great. the way they worded that question. everybody can find something they don't like. that's the way the system is supposed to work. if you are a republican you are not happy because the president is ignoring congress and say they object to what i'm doing. i'm going to ignore and work around them. if you are a democrat you can look at this and say by golly congress should be getting on board with this. they are filibustering too much. vetoing too much. the house opposes his stuff. harry reid -- 23% is kind of like, okay, whatever the president wants is cool. down with that. >> byron, do you think the president cares about this
4:14 pm
number that so many are opposed to acting unilaterally. >> care about it only to the extent that it gives any political momentum to republicans to try to stop him. >> what can they do to stop him. >> well, basically republicans in congress can file lawsuits. congress could stop him, of course, they are the first branch of government. they can do what they want. the democrats control the senate. we are not going to see any action on their part. that means it basically takes lawsuits to stop the president. >> haven't done anything. they have been complaining about it for two years. three years. >> he has done it on immigration. he has done it on climate change. he is talking about doing it on other subjects. he has changed obamacare a zillion times. this is something that he has done basically no repercussions from congress. >> panel, thank you. straight ahead supreme court justice clarence thomas rarely speaks publicly. he just did. what he said is raising eyebrows. that's next. also i'm going to talk to you off-the-record, governor mitt romney is speaking about money. frankly i don't see eye to eye with him on this one. i will go "on the record" to
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tell what you i think coming up. continue to update you on' this very dangerous winter storm threatening millions and millions in the south, heavy ice leaving hundreds of thousands in the cold and in the dark, many thousands more are stranded on the roads tonight and now heavy snow heading up the east coast. governor chris christie declaring a state of emergency in his state of new jersey. the latest on the storm's track is coming up. in the morni? yeah. getting your vegebles every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®.
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supreme court justice clarence thomas the second african-american to serve on the high court says he has experienced more discrimination in the north than in the south. justice thomas saying, quote: the worst i have been treated was by northern liberal elites. the absolute worse i have ever been treated. joining us pastor michael faulkner and camille foster, co-host of fox business news
4:19 pm
show and the network fox news business the independent at 9 p.m. nice to see both of you. >> thank you, greta. always a pleasure to be with you. >> first to you reverend faulkner. your thoughts on what justice thomas said? >> i agree with him. you know, i actually served and lived in the south and i experienced racism, of course, it exists but nothing like i did when i came to new york city and be experienced the -- i guess what you call the limousine liberals. because and one of the reasons that i think their racism is so voice israel visceral. as independent free thinkers we express the that we really don't need them to exist. >> what's your thought on this. >> it's interesting. the justice said a few things. he also happened to say that we obsess over race quite a
4:20 pm
bit too much these days in the united states. and that's the part that i really latched on to. i have certainly encountered racial animus because i have views that don't seem appropriate for a guy who happens to look like me. but i think it's the first portion of this that i really latch on to. the notion that we have been having this perpetual dialogue in this country for a number of years. while we have seemingly entered into what i like to call ther wrath civil rights when we move from manufactured controversies to this wind up phony outrage about any number of things. it's these nonissues like the gin of 6 which turned out not to be the racial watershed moment that they are made out to be. for whatever reason we have dave time acknowledging where we actually are are, which is to say that we have actually defeated the brand of institutionalized naked racism that was predominant during the civil rights era. and we are in another place. unfortunately, what we're left is this really hyper
4:21 pm
sensitivity and myopic obsession with race and racism. it actually exists on the left and the right in some important respects. >> kimel, justice thomas has been called lots of things including he has been called uncle tom. >> sure. >> i'm curious, now that you are the anchor of the independence on fox business at 9:00 p.m. i will repeat for you, are you finding that because you have gotten so much more public that you are getting more insults from people? >> you know, no, i haven't found that but i have certainly heard those insults before. unfortunately and maybe i shouldn't say, this more often than not it's family that might say something like that. quite frankly, i find as an independent doesn't happen to adhere to standard racial orthodoxy that i make a lot of friends that way. there are plenty of people who are interested in having conversations with me about race. there are certainly some people who shun me. i haven't noticed -- it's
4:22 pm
not debilitating. i think that's what's important to note here it's a little weird to call that racism in the sense that dr. king, for example, fought against racism. >> reverend, one of the things that justice thomas said and kimel alluded to is people today are more race conscious politically correct than ever before. do you agree with that and why would that be? >> i agree with it, and i think it's a very dangerous time that we live in, because this whole political correct thing, see, this cuts both ways. if you don't agree with the elite or with those who are defining how we tore feel about something, then you are labeled and those labels give you a the inability to move freely. you have to defend yourself everywhere you go. i can't say i disagree. the black community is not a monolithic community. we don't all have the same political views. i think it's important we understand those terms that
4:23 pm
political correctness is used to keep us in control because i do believe that the socially elite do not want to see independent free thinkers, african-americans who can think freely and vote freely outside of the normal democratic or the normal political machine. >> i might take even a step -- if we are out of time that's okay. >> we're out of time everyone can see you at 9:00 p.m. see the rest of it over on the business channel, thank you both. >> thanks so much, greta. >> thank you. okay, let's go off-the-record for just for main. governor mitt romney pinned on ad calling for the olympic committee to cap money on the amount of money. russia spent $50 billion. we spent less than 3 billion for our utah olympics. my view i don't care how much russia spends or how it spends its money or how what
4:24 pm
it does. if they want to put on the dog for the olympic and jazz it up for the olympics, have at it. here is my worry that russia is double-crossing us with both syria and chemical weapons and iran with nuclear weapon program. that is potentially catastrophic. yes, of course i cy see governor romney's point it is crass that a host nation spends so much money on the olympics while its citizens suffer. but it's a lousy idea as a the world's last super power that we would use our muscle other country is could spend. we would of course look like the quintessential international nanny state if we do d. that let's face it, i'm not so sure our nation has much standing to criticize anyway. our past olympic spending may have been frugal compared to russia's. we waste billions and billions in united states every day. our citizens are paying so much money in taxes those who work so hard and suffer by the government's reckless waste of the tax money. remember when they spent a
4:25 pm
billion dollars on a study about romance that was ridiculous. and can i go on and on. our nation lives in a glass house. until we move out of that glass house i spug we not throw stones. olympic battles is not one of them. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. if you have an important issue or story you think i should take off-the-record go to and tell us about it straight ahead, one delay after another. the obama administration constantly changing the healthcare law. is there anything left of obamacare. senator johnson is here to talk about that next. also, new political heat on texas state senator wendy davis. you have to hear what's going on with her gubernatorial campaign now. that's ahead. of course, there is breaking news, this is a live picture from the roads of raleigh, north carolina "on the record" is tracking severe weather spreading from texas across the south through the mid-atlantic and up the north. latest on the severe storm. when does your work en
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obama did it again snubbing congress. the president making another change to obamacare and bypassing congress. the constant changes and waivers leads to loss of confusion to millions of americans. >> we understood from the start that there were going to be some challenges in terms of transition. >> at first, the white house refusing to budge on obamacare but now the obama administration is making it own major changes to the law again and again. the obama administration announcing another major delay to the employer mandate. it exempts firms 50 to 100 employees until 2016. the delay only applies to companies that will not fire workers to avoid obamacare costs. >> to avoid obamacare costs you have to promise, you have to swear under oath that you're not trying to avoid obamacare costs. and everybody is trying to avoid obamacare costs. that's why they are being waived. they are punitive. >> we knew that there were going to be some bumps and transitions in that process and that's what we're
4:31 pm
working with all the stakeholders involved to address. >> "on the record" uncovering at least two dozen delays and fixes that the administration has made to the law. all of it leading to confusion and controversy. first, july 5th, the obama administration delaying income verification for people getting insurance subsidies until 2015. then september 30th, the office of personnel management issuing a statement announcing new and special subsidies for congress and its staff to buy insurance on exchanges. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan. >> he deliberately mislead, deceived the american people about whether or not they could keep their healthcare. >> then, the president delaying minimum requirements for insurance plans allowing ensurers to reissue plans to customers who lost them. >> already people who have plans that predate the affordable care act can keep those plans if they haven't
4:32 pm
changed. today we are going to extend that principle both to people whose plans have changed since the law took effect. >> even that wasn't enough. >> this does little or nothing for people who have had their plans cancelled. look, these plans have gone away. >> i appreciate his apology but it still just doesn't help our situation right now. >> on december 19th, the obama administration delaying the individual mandate for a year for people who lost their insurance because of obamacare, and that's not all. "on the record" finding at least 29 major changes the administration made to the healthcare law. critics are attacking the changes, claiming they are arbitrary and unconstitutional. >> this is way beyond the banana republic now. this is stalinism. this is shear brazen lawlessness. >> this is the very definition of lawlessness and something that the american people do not tolerate and will not tolerate. >> but president obama says he doesn't need congress,
4:33 pm
even threatening to veto legislation that he considers unnecessary. but democratic leadership claims president obama is simply doing what republicans want. >> this is something that they have been asking for. now he does it, they are complaining. i mean, this is somewhat illogical. >> senator john thune says the latest delay proves the white house knows obamacare is killing the economy. senator thune joins us. >> good evening, greta. >> good evening. what do you think of this last change. >> the president said the other day their goal is not to punish folks which i think admits they are admitting right there that they know how punishing this is to the american people these delays are abuse of power. if you look at 28 different delays, all the other things that the president is doing to get around congress to be able to implement agenda one is economically it's hurting people and that's why they are doing delays and secondly they know it's hurting them politically. they have a lot of senators
4:34 pm
up for reflection that they are trying to protect. >> what are you going to do? that's the first question. it is true that the law that was passed a couple years ago and what is now being enforced or what's left of it right now with waivers, exemptions and all of that is vastly different. you can do anything about it and are you going to do anything about it? >> what we would like to do and of course people ask me why can't do you this or why can't you do that? i tell them it's a function of math. either you have the votes or you don't. right now we don't have the votes. we would like to undo the whole thing. what he is doing is kind of undoing it piecemeal along the way. he is trying to take the parts that he knows are really harmful and harmful politically to him and his party. i think those are the things that he is trying to address now. we think that rather than just exempt businesses in this case with the employer mandate, why not apply that to families and individuals? herb ought to get exempted. >> i guess the larger question though is that you are part of the legislative body. you pass the law. of course, the president has some discretion in terms of
4:35 pm
how the law is enforced. at some point you do enough picking and choosing and changing of the law, that you are going beyond just sort of using your discretion, that you are actually legislating something the executive branch doesn't have the authority to do. are you past that point and if so are you going to do anything about that? >> i think they are way past that point. i think we ought to do everything we can to try and reign it in. but, you know, to me, what this president has done with this abuse of power is basically saying i'm above the law. now, i have heard democrats tell me all the time and republicans say we need to repeal the law because it's bad for the economy. it hurts jobs. people's premiums and deductibles going up. it's the law of the land. we need to fix it these not what they're doing here. >> congress should mane fix it. if it needs to be fixed that's sort of your job. >> sure. you know, we have had the house i think has passed 40 different times. i have had 33 votes on repealing parts of this thing we don't have the votes in the senate. we need, you know, a congress and a president
4:36 pm
that respects the law and if they want to make changes in the law that isn't working and clearly this isn't, to come back to congress and try and fix it that way rather than going around it. which is exactly what they are doing today. senator, always nice to see you sir. >> nice to see you. thanks, greta. >> critics are calling wendy davis -- of texas. flipped on guns and tonight getting heat on what she is now saying about abortion. deadly ice storm is racing up the east coast. hundreds stranded on the roads and thousands without power. the storm is just getting started in the mid-atlantic and the northeast. the latest on the storm coming up. open to ambition. open to boldids. that's why n york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years... we're new york. if there's something that creates more jobs, and ows more businesses... we're open to it. start a tax-free business at
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texas gubernatorial candidate wendy davis coming under fire for changing her position on guns now is she flip flopping on abortion. the issue that put her on the national stage. davis saying she would have backed ban on abortion 20 weeks of pregnancy under certain circumstances. byron york, elise viebeck and national review jim
4:41 pm
garety. is she changing her view or sort of just adjusting it or explaining it? what is it. >> i guess she is clarifying it is the word she would use. as long as there is an exception for health of the mother and fetal abnormalities, otherwise she could support a ban on abortion after 20 weeks. i don't know if she has mentioned this at the fundraiser she attends in san francisco and manhattan and washington, d.c. she has caught between position of national democrats particularly the big donors in places like that who love this position where she is outspoken on abortion. she standing up to the crazy right wingers who want to ban abortion. it doesn't play well in texas. now this interview with the dallas morning news. all of a sudden new nuances. i'm not as scary and bad as you think i am. >> elise, flip flop or is she clarifying? >> i think this is her attempt to stakeout more conservative or at least moderate support among texans. i see this as a bit of a flip flop myself. because when you think about what she did, she came out in such a public way against late term abortion ban.
4:42 pm
the idea that she is now coming around and saying oh but maybe with certain exceptions i could get behind it i don't see that. >> 62% is the big number in a poll last year. in texas that was the number of texans who support a 20 week ban on abortions. so, i mean, she was out of touch with most voters in texas. not on the question of abortion rights generally. this is not a question of abortion being legal or illegal, it's a question of do you support this 20 week ban, significant majority support in texas. that is a problem. >> is she on the ropes if this were the only issue. the issue of being divorced at 21 or 20. things that seem fudged, these facts. i guess any one of them seems relatively insignificant but getting caught with guns and this. >> it's been pretty rocky for her.
4:43 pm
her own biography is a problem. this is how she became famous. this is the stand she took national figure and she would not be rubbing for governor were it not for this particular stance. >> i don't frankly you can image that abortion right groups weren't happy with her. seen as one of their chief national spokeswoman. a new ally coming out of the left to run for office. on a proabortion chance stance. now she is seen as hedging that. i guess she clarified her position. i a.m. i assume she would say this is whawls what she always meant and now she is clarifying it it's a terrible position to be in as a politician. >> it's not why national democratic voters fell in love with her. she has to backtrack from
4:44 pm
that. >> and that's tough. >> we should say the law already has exceptions for people who w. abnormalities and the life of the mother. so the question is why did she not -- was she not able to agree with it at that point? she simply believes. kind of weak explanation that the law needs to give more priority or more deference to mothers in this situation. but the law already has the things she says it should have. >> and i should add that she can't say she was a little bit confused on law she is a harvard law school graduate and held to that standard on know whaght law is anyway, panel, nice to see you. hope you get that coat back, brian. straight ahead, tea party favorite senator mike lee has something to tell you. something that he is doing. senator mike lee is here next. first, brace yourself, parts of the nation are getting pummeled. we are tracking the path of a giant winter storm. ice and snow are disrupting travel nationwide and leaving hundreds of thousands in the dark. the latest on the war where the storm is heading is next. spokesperson: we decided to settle this.
4:45 pm
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>> right now senate republicans taking action to put the work back in welfare. today senator mike lee introducing a bill that would restore the work requirement for food stamps. that requirement was repealed in president obama's 2009 stimulus legislation. so, how will the new bill get people back to work? senator mike lee joins us. niles to see you, sir. >> good to be here.
4:49 pm
>> first why was the work requirement taken out of the stimulus bill who was the thinking behind that. >> i'm not sure there was a whole lot of thinking behind it. it ran into political trouble on the other side of the i'll. it -- aisle. what we're trying to do with this bill and other measures like it, greta, is not make our welfare system smaller but more effective and efficient so it doesn't have to be so big. >> is the thinking behind it get people in some sort of work program they will maintain an economic status and maybe work themselves out, i take it? >> precisely. that's the idea. what we want here is to help americans get out of poverty. we have federal policy right now that artificially keeps people in poverty. it creates a poverty trap. we want to make it easier for people to get out of poverty. >> if you can't get the work, i assume you can still get the food stamps or disabled under your program. say you are physically unable to work. can you still get food stamps without having to meet the work requirement? >> yes. this presupposes that you are able-body. that you are able bodied adult and that you have the ability to work. >> what about job available? >> well, if there is not a
4:50 pm
job available, then will are certain training programs that you can go through there are certain volunteering programs that you can can go through it doesn't presuppose that there has to be a job there that is ready to pay you. but you do have to be doing certain things to prepare yourself to reenter the workforce. >> a number of states already have this? >> yes, a number of states already have it. and so what we want to do is to make this system wide within the federal system, create more transparency among the states and make the whole program more effective and efficient so it doesn't have to be so big. >> what's the response from the the democratic side of the aisle? >> there hasn't been much of one yet which i'm taking to be a good sign. it's difficult for them to push back on something that helps people to get out of poverty. that's the whole purpose of our welfare system in the first place is to alleviate poverty. we want to get people out of poverty, they are going to have a hard time contending against that. >> if you currently work, are you now unable to get the food stamps? i mean, is that impediment to getting food stamps? >> if you currently work, it can in some instance. >> depending on the income level. >> be impediment to
4:51 pm
receiving certain welfare programs. so one of the things that we're worried about is the fact that if you take an entry level job, in many cases you might find an effective marginal tax rate of 90%, meaning when you take into account what you have to pay n taxes, plus what you lose in welfare benefits, you are actually worse off by taking an entry level job than you would be just by staying on welfare. and not working at all. >> so i take it that what the bill would do is sort of just encourage and put more pressure into maybe get up and do a little work if you are able-bodied and if you can find a job or training program? it's a little boost? >> yes. exactly. a little boost, a little encouragement to help encourage people and transition people into the work place so that they are not held in poverty. kept in place by federal policies that has failed us. >> for the life of me i don't know why it was taken out of the stimulus bill. we had a work requirement until the stimulus bill. >> yes. >> and then it was taken out. anyway. senator, always nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> and that weather, boy, it's getting wicked. we are tracking that
4:52 pm
gigantic winter storm tearing up the east coast right now. ice slamming the southeast and now snow is pummeling the northeast, the latest is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ where you think you're gonna go ♪ ♪ when your time's all gone? male annocer ] live a full life. the new lexus ct hybrid with an epa estimated 42 mpg. the further you go, the more intesting it ge.
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4:56 pm
this is a fox news alert. that dangerous winter storm is slamming the east coast. and it could be catastrophic. millions of americans are in the path of the snow and ice and right now much of the southeast is dealing with power outages. hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in the dark and in the cold. and the storm bringing traffic to a stand still especially in north carolina. many drivers stranded on the roads in the raleigh durham area and at least nine traffic deaths are being blamed so far on the storm. and now heavy snow is heading up the east coast, parts of the northeast could see a foot of snow by tomorrow night. the storm taking aim at washington, baltimore, philly and new york city and straight up to new england. stay with fox news throughout the night for the latest on this winter storm. okay, everyone, it's
4:57 pm
time to hash it out. vice presidents coming face to face at last night's state dinner. julia dreyfus playing the vp. tweeting out a selfie from the event. and a giant sink hole swallows corvettes. fox news radio tweeting sink hole swallows eight cars at corvette museum in kentucky. the sink hole suddenly opening right up underneath the car museum. luckily no one was need at the time. finally bette midler thanking the speaker of the house. midler tweeting good for john boehner for allowing to us catch our breath and to think for one nano second that things could work in congress. midler, of course, referring to the battle in congress over the debt ceiling now it's your turn to hash it out with us. use #greta on all your tweets and posts. and bill o'reilly is next but next but first, get
4:58 pm
ready to speed read your way through the news. right now two new bills are on their way to president obama's desk. today the senate passing the debt ceiling increase. the measure passing by a near party line vote of 55 to 43. the bill allows the treasury to borrow freely march 15, 2015. by a vote of 95 to 3 the senate also passing a bill it restore military retiree benefits. the cost of living adjustment benefits were cut last year. and a terrifying and deadly scene in new york city. a stolen truck slams into a city bus sending them both crashing through scaffolding and into a building. the bus driver was killed and several other people were hurt. police arrested the driver of the stolen truck. the boston marathon bombing suspect joe tsarnaev just got a trial date november 3rd. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for him. the twin bombings killed three and wounded more than 260. senator rand paul filing a class action lawsuit against president obama over the nasa's collection of phone metadata. senator paul says the surveillance violates the fourth amendment right
4:59 pm
against unreasonable searches and seizures. the suit also names as defendants national intelligence director james clapper, nsa director keith alexander and fbi director james comey. and you can hear more from senator rand paul because is he going to be on tonight with our own sean hannity at 10:00 p.m. eastern. you don't want to miss sean's interview with senator rand paul's interview. that's tonight's speed read. thanks for being with us tonight. see you all again tomorrow might right here at 7 p.m. eastern. so right now? what are you going to do? we are asking you to go to answer this question. do you like governor romney think the international olympic committee should set a spending cap for olympic host cities? or, are you on team greta on this one because i don't think that we should be telling other countries about how much they should be spending on the olympics. it's all right there in you can vote in the poll. so go there right now. team romney or team greta?
5:00 pm
and fox, of course, will stay on all that breaking news with the weather. the weather is getting really bad stretching all the way up the eastern seaboard. up next, the o'reilly factor. good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: think about nazi germany, most of those people did not believe in what hitler was doing. but did they speak up? >> conservative ben carson getting hammered for that remark. he will be here to explain it. >> does hillary clinton sound to you like the right person for this moment? >> some on the far left do not want hillary clinton to run for president. we will analyze that ♪ don't you want me baby ♪ don't you. >> and yet another gay controversy at the olympics in russia. this time the luge is involved. >> there was never a thought


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